Gulf Air Booking

It has become quite easy to book a seat or seats on Gulf Air online. All you need to do is to go to the Gulf Air website enter your flight details and book your flight. Once your seat has been confirmed and you make the necessary payment you can print out your boarding card. This is a great facility as it saves you from the hassle of searching for a Gulf Air travel agent or booking office and calling them up or visiting them to get your flight confirmed and collect your ticket.

The recent civil unrest in Bahrain did cause the flag carrier to bear a loss in the beginning of 2011. Passenger booking dropped and the airline had to release some of its staff. However thing turned around in May 2011 and the passenger bookings have increased. To retain regular passengers and to encourage new passengers to fly on it, Gulf Air offers discounts on a number of its flights. In fact some of the discounts are the best that you can get on any world class airline.

Gulf Air has also recently invested in Sabre airlines reservation system. This system is very popular and in use with a number of the leading airlines of the world. The entire flight booking system is automated and seats are allotted and confirmed in real time. Passengers can book their flights, confirm them and check their status and can cancel them also. As the passenger booking system is automated once a seat gets cancelled it’s automatically allotted to the first passenger on the waiting list. If there is any priority passenger the seat is allocated to them. A passenger can submit his or her email address and receive a status update and get to know when their seat has been confirmed. The new passenger reservation system handles end to end customer services solution. Right from reservations, check-in, and load planning, ticketing and departure control can be handled by this system.

Gulf Air flies to 45 destinations across Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe and they have their sales agents across the countries that they fly to. Passengers can use the conventional method of getting their seats booked by calling up a Gulf Air travel agent or visiting their office. In case of unconfirmed seats passengers can call up Gulf Air to find out the flight status and get their bookings confirmed. Passengers who book online get an automatic alert when their seats are confirmed.

In the highly competitive world of air travel making passenger seat booking as seamless and easy as possible is a priority with every airline and to achieve this they need to streamline passenger bookings. Passengers hate to go to the airport to find out that there is no seat available. Or if there is any muck up during check-in and a passenger misses a flight, their frustration can cause them never to fly with that airline again. Gulf Air tries to ensure that its passenger bookings system is easy and hassle free.